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The vegetation shows the very own vegetable species of Mallorca. The forest area represents little more than 20 %. The heathland of wild olive trees and small palm trees spreads out over the marine with species like rockrose (hypericum balearicum), scrubs (lentiscus), hay (fenum), rosemary and heather. The pine grove is developed in the mountainous area and there are hardly any holm-oak woods.
On the coast we find marine fennel and gorse among others, while the marine thistle has almost disappeared from the beaches. In humid areas frequently appear tamarind and reed.
The cultivated land represents 74 % of the area. The agricultural landscape is very fixed by the presence of almond trees, cereals and fig trees, and on a smaller way, locust and vineyard. The cultivation of vegetable is focused on melon, pepper and lettuce.

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